Public transport

For those who travel to Hoek van Holland by bus, train or boat, MIJN Torpedoloods is ideally located. The restaurant is within a five minute walking distance of the bus station and train station Hoek van Holland Haven. If you travel to Hoek van Holland from Den Hague and het Westland, you can take bus 35, which operates daily at half hour intervals. The train station, which is situated right next to the bus station, provides the means to travel to Rotterdam and back. Some stops along the train route are Schiedam, Vlaardingen and Maassluis. When you exit the station and walk along the waterside you will find MIJN Torpedoloods on the right side.

By car

Those who wish to visit MIJN Torpedoloods by car can use different routes when traveling from Den Hague or Rotterdam. If you use the A20 from Rotterdam, take the exit Hoek van Holland and stay on the Maasdijk (N220). When you reach the end of the Maasdijk at the crossing with the traffic lights, go left and keep going straight until you reach a roundabout. Take a left at the roundabout and keep going until you see the Station Hoek van Holland Haven. Once you cross the railroad you need to take the first road to your right. You will find MIJN Torpedoloods on the right side.


Parking at MIJN Torpedoloods is not a problem. Behind the restaurant we have an abundance of parking space available, where you can park for free during your visit at MIJN Torpedoloods.

Address information

MIJN Torpedoloods
Stationsweg 43
3151 HR Hoek van Holland