Business and Leisure accomodation.

Our boutique hotel offers well -appointed, spacious hotel and short stay rooms to suit the business traveler or a holiday maker. Choose from our single, twin, double or family rooms. Our guests enjoy free WIFI and on- site parking, flatscreen TV and complimentary breakfast. “We also have” / “Our rooms are” disabled and wheelchair friendly.(Als alle kamers rolstoelvriendelijk zijn, gebruik “Our rooms are” anders “We also have”) Our room style is best described as clean, contemporary but with a cosy atmosphere.

Complimentary breakfast
Wheelchair accessible
Central location
Free on site parking
Free WiFi


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History of Mijn Badhuis

The Boutique Hotel of Mijn Torpedoloods is named Mijn Baduis. Badhuis means Bathhouse. This was the place where last century military and locals came to shower.

Showering for 10 Gulder Cents

The Bathhouse was used from 1904 until the 1980’s. The Ministry of Defence owned the building until the end of WWII. As this was one of the few building with amenities, locals were allowed to shower here every Saturday morning for 10 Gulder Cents. During the 70’ and 80’s the bathhouse was used as change rooms for the locals enjoying their swimming lessons in the Berghaven.

Men and Women

The bathhouse consisted of two change rooms with a shared shower area. The manner is which men and woman were able to share this area was unique. Women were allowed to shower first. Once they were done, they would knock twice on the men’s change room door, after which they would leave the shower area. The men would wait until they heard the woman’s change room door shut loudly before they would enter the shower area.

New building

Mijn Torpedoloods opened in 2013. Unfortunately the bathhouse was in a very bad state and beyond repair. As the bathhouse was not heritage listed, it was decided to build a new building but honour the style, including the attic window above the entrance door, for the new hotel, Mijn Badhuis. The hotel was opened on the 25th of May 2016 by the grandparents of Director, Linda Geers.